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Baked Stuffed Apples

This is a simple Baked Stuffed Apples recipe. The recipe calls for tart apples but feel free to substitute your own favorite type of baking apple. For a sweeter flavor, you could try Braeburn apples.

Baked Stuffed Apples Recipe



  1. Wash, core and stem the apples, but don't peel them.
  2. Stand them in a buttered mold.
  3. Stuff them with 2/3 cup of the brown sugar, raisins and orange peel.
  4. Fill the tops of the core cavities with butter and sprinkle the remaining sugar over the tops.
  5. Place the mold in the slow cooker and pour the hot water into the cooker.
  6. Sprinkle the orange juice concentrate over the apples.
  7. Cover the cooker and cook on Low for 3 to 5 hours, or until the apples are tender.