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Slow Cooker Beef Recipes


One great thing about slow cooker beef recipes is that you can use lesser expensive cuts of beef which are tougher and cheaper. So save your money coz you won't have to spend $6.99 per pound and up for these dishes!


The tougher cuts of beef are the brisket, chuck, round and shank. They are tougher because they are well-exercised muscles, solid muscle tissues and I guess they are not fatty.

These tougher cuts of beef require long, slow, moist cooking methods (perfect for the slow cooker!) to soften the meat. The cooking methods include stewing, braising and boiling.

Dishes like pot roast, beef stew and braised shanks were almost made for the slow cooker. They require long cooking time so while you're hard at work, the tough meat is being tenderized and will be perfect by the time you get home.


Below are some of our favorites.

Slow Cooker Beef Recipes:

  1. Asian Baby Back Ribs - Slow cooker Asian inspired ribs infused with cinnamon, orange zest and anise seeds.
  2. Barbecue Beef - Very easy slow cooker recipe to make barbeque beef!
  3. Beef and Bean Burrito - Make delicious burritos in your own home with your slow cooker. Have a Mexican food theme night with burritos, chips and salsa and margaritas!
  4. Beef and Bok Choy (Noodle Soup) - Make the beef soup in your slow cooker. Then add Boy Choy and noodles and serve up a great noodle soup.
  5. Beef Carbonade - This dish originated from Belgium and is also famous in northern France. It is Beef and Onions braised in beer.
  6. Beef Daube Provencal - Classic French dish of braised beef and vegetables.
  7. Beef Stew - Tomato based Beef stew.
  8. Beef Stroganoff - This dish originated from Russia, supposedly Saint Petersburg. A combination of beef, mushrooms and sour cream.
  9. Chinese Beef Stew - Asian style beef stew with green onions, ginger and soy sauce.
  10. Easy Pepper Steak - Easy slow cooker or crockpot recipe with can tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce.
  11. Guinness Beef Brisket - Corned beef brisket braised in Guinness Stout!
  12. Island Beef Stew - This recipe uses molasses, raisins and vinegar to make it sweet and tangy.
  13. Meat Loaf - Homestyle meat loaf recipe.
  14. Mexican Short Ribs - Mexican style short ribs recipe that calls for taco seasoning mix and condensed beef broth.
  15. Pot Roast - Slow cooker or crockpot Pot roast recipe that uses cream of mushroom soup and dry onion mix.
  16. Sweet Beef Stew - Another stew recipe that uses a special ingredient - Hoisin sauce!
  17. Sweet Maple Ribs - Sweet, sweet ribs!
  18. Tangy Short Ribs - Slow cooker ribs recipe that uses vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and maple syrup or honey.
  19. Teriyaki Beef - Japanese teriyaki beef for the slow cooker.
  20. Yankee Pot Roast - Slow cooker pot roast.