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Slow Cooker Info

I looked high and low for slow cooker info before I decided to purchase the Westbend 84716 Slow Cooker. I must say that I am happy with it. Despite some negative reviews on Amazon, I think it does a good job - the food cooks on low and does not boil over on high.

The best feature of this West Bend slow cooker is that it has a removable pot that can go from the stove top to the heating base. You can sautee the vegetables or meat first without using another pot. And the West Bend removal pot is non-stick!

If you are interested in purchasing a slow cooker, below are some things to consider:

Purchasing Tips

1. Get one with a removal pot that can go from the stove top to the heating base.

- This way, if you choose to, you can brown meats or sautee vegetables and there's no extra dirty pans to wash.

- With a removal pot, you can also prepare the ingredients the night before, put the whole pot in the refrigerator and be ready to go the next morning.

    2. Size - Slow cookers and crockpots come in different sizes ranging from 1.5 quarts to 7 quarts (1 quart = 4 cups). Choose one that is compatible with the size of your family. Below are several sizes of crockpots or slow cookers.

    3. Other features - If you're interested in other features like a timer or is programmable, then look for one that has it. Below is a stainless steel Rival programmable slow cooker.

    Once you've purchased a slow cooker or crockpot, it is highly recommended that you read the manual and do a test run on a weekend.

    Tips on Using Your Slow Cooker