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Sitemap for slow-cooker.com

Here is our sitemap to help you navigate the website.

Slow Cooker Recipes Home - This is the main page of our site.

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes - This section is dedicated to super easy slow cooker recipes or crockpot recipes. We find recipes with less than 10 ingredients, often less than 5 (!) - perfect for those days when we are too tired to cook but we HAVE to eat! Here are the recipes:

Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes - This section focuses on slow cooker chicken recipes. Here are the recipes:

Slow Cooker Beef Recipes

This section is dedicated to slow cooker beef recipes. These recipes are great because they use tougher cuts of beef which are much cheaper thus saving you lots of money! Here are the recipes:

Slow Cooker Pork Recipes

Just like the beef recipes, you can use the tougher and cheaper cuts of meat for these slow cooker pork recipes:

Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes

- Not all desserts can be made in the slow cooker or crockpot. Here are some that can:

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

- Most of us do not eat the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Here are some vegetarian slow cooker recipes that'll hopefully make us change our bad habits:

Slow Cooker Soup Recipes

- These are delicious soup recipes that packs in lots of flavors. With noodles, pasta or rice, these soups are filling and can be a main meal.

Slow Cooker 411 - Here are some tips on purchasing a slow cooker and using it.

Adapting Recipes for Slow Cooker - You can adapt your favorite stove-top or oven recipes for the slow cooker or crockpot BUT you have to follow some guidelines. Here are guidelines to follow when adapting recipes.